Hard cheese

Our hard cheese, popularly known as “yellow”, is made of the highest quality cow milk ‒ we place a great emphasis on this. Our diverse product line is sure to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. In addition to taste, our products have high nutritional value and are a rich source of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Hard cheese is also a valuable source of readily-assailable calcium.


Creamy cheese

Creamy cheese is an important component of a balanced diet, being rich in calcium, with many cooking uses. Our cheese is made of cow’s milk of the highest quality, and meet all appropriate safety and health standards.


„Doceń polskie”

Cheese "King Arthur"manufacture of company Milkiland EU was awarded by experts of the National program on promoting "Doceń polskie"


Srebrna medal Golden Cheese Poland

Cream cheese Ostrowia was awarded a Silver Medal in the competition GOLDEN CHEESE POLAND


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Our Offer

Domestic market

Our products under traditional Ostrowia brand are made with the freshest milk, their quality guaranteed by a combination of traditional recipes with modern production technology.

We invite you to check the current product line.

B2B Offer

We provide our business partners with the highest-quality whey-based products, using the latest technologies. Among our innovative products are: whey protein concentrate 80% (WPC-80), demineralized whey powder and powdered demineralized whey permeate.

These products could be used for production of dairy, bakery, meat, snack, confectionery, other food and nutritional products (including infant formula).


Our Brands


Ostrowia is a brand of naturally delicious dairy products known and appreciated by Polish consumers since 1974.


Milkiland is a thriving international brand with a broad product portfolio including different types of cheese appriciated by CIS customers.