Milkiland EU today

Milkiland EU was founded in 2012 as a 100% subsidiary of the Milkiland Group in order to streamline Milkiland’s operations in the European Union and to control its Polished-based subsidiary Ostrowia in Ostrowia Mazowiecka.

Significant investments by Milkiland Group in the Ostrowia made it possible to adapt the plant to the stringent requirements of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which allows for large-scale exports of cheese to Russia and Ukraine and development of its market positions in Poland. The company invests in activities that will make the most of the plant’s production capacity in Ostrowia Mazowiecka and focuses on building its own network of milk suppliers.

Milkiland intends to develop its brand, Ostrowia, in the domestic Polish market, as well as to introduce the new products under Milkiland brand in foreign markets.

Milkiland’s Polish company has been tailored to catch any opportunity for development and is open to various forms of cooperation, including private labels and subcontracting.