Whey Permeate Demineralized 40%

This product is a source of dairy solids obtained by the removal of protein and some minerals and lactose from whey.

For food industry as a direct replacement of other dairy solids in many applications, including bakery blends and products to:

  • Provide a brown crust and improve the appearance, colour, flavour and texture of the finished product;
  • Reduce the level of sweeteners such as sucrose or corn syrups in bread applications;
  • Extend shortenings, giving more richness with minimum fat in piecrusts.

Product specification

Packaging Four-ply bag with polyethylene liner
Consumer unit net weight 15, 25 kg Number of bags on pallet 40 bags
Term of realization 540 days Fat content max 2%
Storage conditions Temperature less than 27°C, humidity less than 65%