Creamy cheese

Creamy cheese is an important component of a balanced diet, being rich in calcium, with many cooking uses. Our cheese is made from cow’s milk of the highest quality, and meet all appropriate safety and health standards.

Product specifications

Ostrowia Cream in bucket

Cream cheese made of high quality cream.

Ostrowia Cream

Enjoy the delicious taste of real wholesome cream hidden in Ostrowia cheese.

Ostrowia Yogurt

Extremely light cream cheese with a natural yogurt flavor.

Ostrowia with chives

The intense flavor of cream cheese with chives guarantees amazing experience for the palate and healthy addition to breakfast sandwiches.

Ostrowia with garlic

A delicious combination of cream cheese with a hint of garlic, a perfect match for fresh bread.

Ostrowia with peppers

The intense flavor of red peppers perfectly blending into a delicate creamy taste that will please all connoisseurs of natural flavors.